School Uniforms were distributed by RVCP to primary students during SUD Project – Third Round Launch.

School Uniform Distribution (SUD) Project, one of the projects that are being run in RVCP-Huye Chapter. SUD Project has been running since 2018, two rounds of distribution were done in 2018 and the third round took place February 26. School Uniform distribution Project aims at stimulating stability and a sense of belonging to vulnerable students through provision of school uniforms and scholastic materials distribution. SUD 2019 is scheduled to happen in three phases. In January 2019, SUD 2019 started by selecting beneficiaries. Where some of RUKARA primary [...]



SUD (School Uniform Distribution Project) is a project implemented in RVCP through initiative program, one of the six programs of RVCP it was designed to help primary school kids from underprivileged Families without uniforms obtain them. The project aims to improve the education system through creating a sense of belonging to the students by letting them know that they deserve the right  to learn and the lack of school Uniforms shouldn’t stand in their way. It is in this [...]