Our work

This program aims at developing the skills and knowledge of the Anti-HIV/AIDS Clubs in villages in Southern Province of Rwanda to support them in problem solving, project management, and promoting greater awareness of responsible sexual behavior. The ultimate goal is to reduce the prevalence of sexually related health problems, with the intention of spreading awareness to the greater community through the training of youth leaders.
During the last few years, significant progress has been made in scaling up malaria control interventions and decreasing the number of malaria deaths. It is predicted that deaths have been decreased by over 54% and the UN optimistically predicts malaria could be eradicated in Rwanda by 2015.

In Rwanda, as in many developing African countries, young girls are often burdened with household duties such as cooking and caring for younger siblings which leads to their poor performance in schools. In extreme cases, such girls drop out of school due to unwanted pregnancy, failure in examinations, lack of self confidence and HIV/AIDS infection.