RVCP activities and operations are run entirely by student volunteers from the University of Rwanda. With a committee comprising of 15 elected members, and a volunteer base of around 50 students, RVCP is a very active charity working to give students the opportunity to volunteer and make a difference in their community.



What does volunteering involve?

Each programme has its own team of dedicated volunteers who conduct teaching sessions, visit target groups and oversee the implementation of projects. Without these student volunteers, RVCP would struggle to reach out to such a large number of beneficiaries. The volunteers serve as role-models to the children in rural schools and inspire them to not only study hard in order to go to university, but also to create positive change in their communities in the future.

As a student volunteer, you can get involved with:

·         Any programme area (check out the ‘Our Work’ tab to see more details on each programme)

·         Teaching in classes, communities and workshops

·         Skills and capacity building

·         Social media and publicity

·         Fundraising

We are looking for individuals who have an interest in rural communities in Rwanda, good teamwork skills, and knowledge in one or more of the programme areas. But most importantly, we want our volunteers to have a passion for development and empowerment, and can bring new ideas to RVCP.

Why does RVCP advocate student volunteerism?

RVCP is passionate about giving students the chance to learn more about their community and become responsible citizens. By mobilizing students, RVCP aims to create a generation of aware, forward-thinking, and entrepreneurial individuals that are committed to the development and unity of Rwanda.

If you are a student in Rwanda, and would like to become involved in RVCP’s work, then please get in contact by emailing rvcp_coordinator@yahoo.com. If you have skills that you think would be particularly relevant to a programme area we would be especially happy to hear from you.