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Rwanda Village Community Promoters (RVCP), formerly known as Rwanda Village Concept Project, is a non-profit, youth-led, non-governmental organization run by students at the University of Rwanda (UR). RVCP was founded in 1998 and started fieldwork in the Huye district of Southern Province of Rwanda in 2000. Since then, RVCP has expanded its community outreach and activities to include Kigali, eastern, and northern Province of Rwanda.

The RVCP Houses are located in Huye district on street RN1, situated in Huye City, 10 – 15 Mins walking distance from the Butare Teaching Hospital. Right in the city center!
It is a 3 bedroom house that provides comfort and security. There is hot water, a kitchen, and a shared bathroom, as well as twin beds in the bedrooms.

The Kigali house is located in Nyamirambo city center (know as cosmos), a 15-20 minute walk to Kigali University Teaching Hospital (CHUK). It is a 4 bedroom house that provides comfort and security. There is a kitchen, a shared bathroom and twin beds in the bedrooms.

The proceeds from the houses’ rent cover the costs associated with the house and 40% goes into funding RVCP projects and initiatives in the Villages. For more information contact: info@rwandavcp.org or rvcp_coordinator@yahoo.com

If you need a hostel in Huye or Kigali, and you are comfortable supporting Rwandan village community with the 40% contribution from house rental that you will provide, please fill out the form below. For quick informational inquires you may reach us on Whatsapp number or phone calls at +250722353932, +250788502199 respectively.