The youth in Rwanda comprise 39% of the entire population of Rwanda (1). This is the largest part of the population and however the working forces that has the capacity to transform the community into betterment (3). There are rising challenges in the community ranging from unwanted pregnancies, malnutrition, drug abuse, poverty, STDs amongst others(4)

Moreover, it is the youth that still finds themselves seen as the solution to the aforementioned problems.

Research is still the determinant aspect to unravel evidence that will create a sustainable solution (2).   The extraordinary practices through innovative volunteerism perceived by RVCP are taken as consideration in community outreaches.

Based on the above information, RVCP is organizing this Youth for Village Conference 2018 (YVC2018) to bring on board all stakeholders that can empower the youth through their driven initiatives where they can share information on different approaches on village community engagement.


To discuss and devise innovative approaches towards the inclusive participation of youth in steering SDGs 2030 at the Village. The conference will bring on board all stakeholders involved in raising the living standards of the underprivileged in the community.

Specific Objectives:

  • To understand the current sterning challenges facing the village community
  • To discuss the new approaches towards solving pressing challenges
  • To identify the existing mechanisms of solution orientation and the level of impact
  • To foster partnerships in fulfilling the community living standards


  “Youth engagement in grassroots community development towards SDGs 2030”


  • Ecosystem-based approaches in rural prosperity.
  • Youth participation in village community health .
  • Young women at the core of rural development.

Main topics:

  • Youth stake in zero new HIV infection in Rwandan Villages.
  • Young ladies across the village along their reproductive health journey.
  • Sustainable prevention of NCDs village lifestyle risk factors through youth innovations.
  • Entrepreneurship in the youth as a long-term solution towards poverty reduction.
  • Consideration of hygiene and sanitation in people with physical disabilities across villages.
  • The adoption of clean energy for sustainable development.


Plenary sessions

During the first and second day of the conference stakeholders and international experts will present their experience and policy developments. All participants will have a chance to discuss and share experience and good practices.

Working groups

The participants will have a chance to discuss their ideas and plans for the development of joint study programs in detail and in parallel sessions.

Thorough discussions with presentations that are already done interventions will be presented. Wide consultations on the development and delivery of joint efforts on specific programs that had been conducted by different groups and organizations are expected to dominate the discussions in the conference.

The participants will have the chance to learn and share good practice particularly youth initiatives both at the local, national and international arena including social programs. It is expected that participants discuss and identify problem areas at the village level and suggest possible solutions and improvements.


On the third day the participants will have the chance to engage themselves in a community helping activity usually done by RVCP, Pediatric Christmas event, where children sick at CHUK hospital will be visited and given Christmas gifts. This charitable event will help the participants to engage themselves to helping the underprivileged communities and improving their standards of living.

On the 16th December 2018 we will visit the pediatric department of CHUK and Kibagabaga hospital where we will visit sick children there and provide them with Christmas gifts.

See below, the photos of the latest outreach in 2017.


Recent Pediatric Christmas event 2017


  • Evidence-based solution to pressing challenges in the community
  • Innovative volunteerism on community engagement
  • Networking with partner groups, organizations as per SGDs goal 17
  • New strategies on the diversified harnessed potential of the youth on community development

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