Under the partnership between Rwanda Village Community Promoters (RVCP) and JEFF HEALTH (Helping East Africa Link to Health) from the Thomas Jefferson University, we are glad to release the call for application for the exchange program in the USA at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital this summer 2018.

The exchange program is between the medical students from the University of Rwanda members of RVCP and medical students from Thomas Jefferson University members of Jeff HEALTH.

The general purpose of the exchange program is for the participants to learn and experience, the health care practices, health education and research done in Rwanda and the United States as well as learn from the culture, history and people in those two countries.

The objectives of the exchange programs in the USA are:

  1. Learn approach to Pediatric care, education and research in a developed country
  2. Learn approach to Family and Community Medicine care, education and research in a developed country
  3. Learn methods of integrating primary care and public health
  4. Understand how to offer a range of clinical services to meet community needs
  5. Promote health education through clinical encounters
  6. Understand the management of chronic diseases
  7. Learn methods to promote community linkages with medical

Each year two or three medical students from RVCP (University of Rwanda) go to the USA for the exchange program.

We would like to call the interested students to apply for the exchange program of summer 2018. 

Criteria are of selection:

  1. Be a registered medical student at the University of Rwanda (3rd, 4th or 5th year)
  2. Be a registered as RVCP member. (Has a membership card).
  3. be proficient in conversational and medical English
  4. No any misconduct record
  5. Being able to go to the United States for the exchange program and come back to Rwanda after the program.
  6. Being able to raise at least 1000 USD.

The other criteria are bounded in the documents approved by General assemble in June 2018. Interested people are called to hand in their hard copy application to the General Secretary of RVCP before the 11th July 2018 and send soft copies to rvcp_vcoordinator@yahoo.com


The application should include:

1. The letter of application written to the Vice coordinator

  1. A resume (CV)
  2. A scanned copy of their student ID or proof of registration
  3. A scanned copy of their RVCP membership card
  4. Proof of source of 1000USD with contact (letter of support/ bank statement)
  5. A Motivation letter
  6. A statement proving that the applicant agrees to join the RVCP-JEFF HEALTH if selected and commit at least one year of voluntary service on local Jeff Health projects.
  7. Post-selected candidates will be asked to write an essay on topics related on health issues that will be given to them by Jeff health team (USA). 

NB: The selecting committee comprises representatives from current RVCP Executive committee, active members of RVCP, the members of the alumni of RVCP-Jeff HEALTH exchange, conflict resolution and advisor of the exchange as approved by the RVCP general assembly. And other selections criteria