AECS (Associació d’Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut)  with RVCP

AECS (Associació d’Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut) with RVCP

community team

Under the support from AECS-Catalonia, The RVCP through  a project “Youth Health Education Project (YHEP)”  is carrying out the football tournaments in southern province of  Rwanda. This project was designed for village young people to strengthen their  abilities to improve their health conditions. Youth  club football teams are promoted as a tool for empowerment and education

The youth club football  teams at tournaments are taught about reproductive health and HIV/AIDS 

The participation of the community is an  essential aspect in implementing the projects and, more generally, in providing  basic health care. The key actors are people from the community. Through this  they are empowered, gaining greater self-reliance and more active  responsibilities additionally improving their own health. They are therefore  involved in all stages of the Projects; from initial planning through to the  evaluation.

“Governmental  and nongovernmental organizations at all levels could do much more to help  people especially in village youth, change their behavior to avoid HIV and  AIDS”

– To effectively  use  university  volunteers in  empowering rural village young people 
– To create and strengthen youth club football teams through community  visits, mobilization and education.  
– To eradicate misconception about HIV/AIDS and cultural norms which  lower the status of HIV infected individuals 
– To provide the means of HIV/AIDS protection through distributing condoms and visual and reading  materials at football  tournaments 
– To collaborate with urban VCT centers for volunteers to organize mobile  VCT services in Huye district

We  appreciate the partnership  AECS&MEDSAR through RVCP;  this will enable the Rwanda Community to experience the National University  of Rwanda motto –Excellent  in Education and Service to the People” said Antoine the MEDSAR President.

Emmanuel BAKUNDUKIZE ,the RVCP and YHEP project Coordinator ,discussing with the Community about HIV/AIDS prevention measures.

Representatives of the YHEP-Project in Rwanda
Coordinator : Emmanuel Bakundukize
Assistant Coordinator in Charge of activities: Jean Damascene Uwizeyimana

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