Nyagatare Car Free Day

Nyagatare Car Free Day

Nyagatare car free day (sport for all) is an initiative initiated by Rwanda Village Community Promoter (RVCP) Nyagatare Chapter with Aims of preventing an incidence increase of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as an organization belong in members of non-communicable diseases alliance (NCDA).

As its name suggests Nyagatare Car Free Day is all about physical actions and it has been found that sports are among simple remedies that significantly play a great role in mitigating the effects of Non-communicable diseases, therefore; during Nyagatare Car Free Day (monthly sports), participants come from different residential places of Nyagatare and meet at a nearby starting point and then run the prepared site where with the help of experienced coaches they perform some physical exercises and after whoever wishes go for Noncommunicable diseases screening.


  • Running 
  • Riding bikes
  • Body aerobic exercises
  • Screening for NCDs.
  • Entertainment.