SUD (School Uniform Distribution Project) is a project implemented in RVCP through initiative program, one of the six programs of RVCP it was designed to help primary school kids from underprivileged Families without uniforms obtain them. The project aims to improve the education system through creating a sense of belonging to the students by letting them know that they deserve the right  to learn and the lack of school Uniforms shouldn’t stand in their way. It is in this way that the project was started with the help of Mr.Frithjof our main sponsor and pioneer of this project.

The project has now already impacted  students (Boys & Girls) from RUKIRA PRIMARY SCHOOL, Huye District in the southern Province and Nyima Primary school located in Nyakagezi Huye District in the Southern Province.

During its second round the project impacted more students after a very hard selection as many of the students come from really poor families

It was on Wednesday 25th April 2018 at 2:30 pm , the climate was good and favorable for the activity, Students were ready to pick uniforms.


We were honored to be with the leader in charge of education at the sector level 2nd right and the head mistress far right (pict below), Who gave us a clear view on the education system and the problems affecting the children at large where he emphasized on the big number of students drop out mainly due to lack of uniforms and other scholastic materials.

The head mistress of the school also took time, gave us the history among many, on how the school started, the progress so far and the vision

It was our turn, We Emphasized on what the project is all about. We encouraged students to take great care of the uniforms and to keep their level of hygiene high and we also took time to thank the school for their collaboration in terms of making a hard selection from 357 students.     

Students looked well and smart

RVCP and the community at large recognize the great work and partnership with Mr. Frithjof for his effort to improve the education sector.

We look ahead to include other scholastic materials like pens, Books, Mathematical sets, Sponsors who would like to continue this Journey with us are highly welcomed

In RVCP everyone is welcome who has an idea or project aimed to promote the wellbeing of underprivileged people.