Voluntary based action on Rheumatic heart Diseases (VOBRA project)

Voluntary based action on Rheumatic heart Diseases (VOBRA project)

On 11th, January 2020, more than 30 nurse practitioners and medical student volunteers were gathered in UR-Huye campus for one day training. The training was about Rheumatic Heart Disease eradication. This was prepared by VOBRA Project of Rwanda Village Community Promoters (RVCP). VOBRA, Voluntary Based Rheumatic Heart Disease Action Project aims at creating RHD action heroes’ community which will innovatively catalyze a transformational change consigning RHD to history books of Rwanda.

Emile NGABO, VOBRA Director introducing workforce on VOBRA

Through workforce development workshop in Huye district VOBRA was launched
where nurse practitioners and medical student volunteers were trained. The trained workforce are
going to carry out teaching sessions in the so called peer to peer learning program in health centers morning staffs, to equip each and every Huye district health center nurses. Later on community health workers will be empowered by the workforce, they will also work to raise RHD awareness in radio talks, TV shows and monthly UMUGANDA teaching sessions.       

Dr. MUVUNYI Bienvenue MD. Med Physician, one of VOBRA trainer worked to empower trainees with scientific aspect of Rheumatic heart disease covering strep throat, acute rheumatic fever and Rheumatic heart disease itself. It was brought about clinically with respect to working environment stressing on what a nurse can do with available resources.

Again, Dr Joel BAHOZA VOBRA trainer, a Medical Doctor at KABUTARE district hospital the training involved clinical applications in group discussions where unclear points were later made clear after group discussions. This interactive session was shown to be a fitting system for trainees to clearly understand the lectured concepts as testified by trainees.

Dr. MUVUNYI Bienvenu MD. MMed Physician training VOBRA Workforce

Miss. MWAMIKAZI Christiane, a Team Heart Rwanda nurse with experience in post-operative RHD patients follow up care, worked to share experience in workshop. She stressed the importance of a nurse in community raising awareness, first patient visit at health center where he/she should be treated strep throat or Rheumatic fever or referred to hospital for further management instead of neglecting the case which is at risk of developing into Rheumatic heart disease.

Miss. MWAMIKAZI Christiane from Team Heart sharing RHD Action experience

SHEMA Claudette, Nurse at KINYAMAKARA Health center said “we used to routinely treat strep throat without being aware of its complications, but after the training we came to know how to manage it through an evidence based practice.”

RVCP and VOBRA in general appreciate esteemed partners of VOBRA project, who served to contribute for the success of covered steps and committed to ongoing support of project. Here we name RHD Action, Team Heart Rwanda, university Of Rwanda, RBA RC Huye Munini district hospital and Kabutare district hospital.

Story by NGABO Emile, VOBRA Director.

Published by RVCP-Publication Officer

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